Your ads will take a taxi - literally.

When it comes to formats and all their possibilities, digital media has a wide variety of options to offer when creating ads.

The most creative marketers can put their minds at work to develop original campaigns to get users' attention. In the end, everything counts to reach the company's objectives (be it more visibility or increasing the conversion rate).

Moreover, Big Data lets businesses know their clients and their needs and their needs much better. That's why campaigns that use this kind of technology get better results. Programmatic advertising, that combines the use of data with the automated purchase of ad space, makes it possible for businesses to show consumers personalized messages at the right time. 

In this respect, any place is suitable to put an ad on as long as it lets us reach our target audience. And, even more, if this format is available on thousands of vehicles that are driven around one of the biggest cities in the world and are riden by thousands of people each day. Yes, we are talking about the taxis in New York.

anuncios programaticos taxis

Image from Club Taxi Media

By installing digital screens on the taxis' tops, brands can appear on that ad space through programmatic advertising. The first company to do it was Curb Media Taxi, that also offers the option of appearing on their Taxi TV (the screens located behind the front seats - and that generate 100 million of impressions per month).

Another business that also realized of the potential of this type of format is Firefly, that, since last year, has been installing these programmatic screens with the intention of reaching 3.500 vehicles (including, apart from taxis, delivery and ride-share vehicles). 

firefly taxi programatica

Image from AdWeek

This type of technology uses geographical data to serve more relevant ads. The platform is based on the taxi location, demographic data of that area and the traffic patterns to decide which ads to show. This way, companies can tailor their campaign to suit a specific neighbourhood - this is, where their target audience lives or passes by.

The screens on the taxi tops and other vehicles are a very effective way of using DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home). One of its main advantages is that, being done programmaticaly, it works with data to create effective campaigns that can be optimized. Brands that have been using these digital outdoor formats already know all their benefits. 

If you want to know more about Digital-Out-of-Home, take a look at one of our posts where we explain more about all its possibilities.

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