How to use contextual on your online ad campaigns.

RTBMind has a wide variety of segmentation criteria that allow you to reach your target audience with ease.

One of these criteria is contextual, which lets you select what kind of pages you want our ads to appear based on the content they're about. This type of segmentation works using contextual categories, so it's very useful when there are certain restrictions with the use of specific keywords.

This, together with the advantages of RTB (lower costs, access to nacional and international media, optimization capabilities, etc.), will allow you to reach your campaign objetives in a more efficient way.

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What are the segmentation criteria?

An audience is the group of users we want to show our ads to. However, audiences are not uniform. Despite the fact that they can have an element in common (for instance, they all use their smartphone to browse the Internet), everything else can be different (interests, location, context, etc.). 

Here's where we use the segmentation criteria, this is, the factors that help us better define the type of audience we want to reach with our ads. Like this, we can select users who are using their smartphone and, also, live in big cities and have visited websites about a specific topic.


How can RTBMind help you?

RTBMind offers many segmentation criteria to choose from, among which we can find contextual. This is a way of segmenting our audience based on the type of content of the website the user is visiting. This criterion is very useful when the keywords we want to use for our campaigns have some restrictions (for example, campaigns related to alcohol or tobacco). 

In the same way, in situations like the coronavirus crises, ad platforms (like Google) don't allow the use of certain keywords. 

RTBMind has a specific contextual segment for the COVID-19, allowing advertisers to reach users who visit websites with content related to that topic.

RTBMind is a DSP with no minimum access fee, which means that any business or agency can start building and managing their own RTB campaigns.

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