Segmentation criteria in RTB campaigns

Two main pillars in any digital marketing strategy are setting SMART objectives (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound) and segmenting properly, this is, knowing what's the audience you want to reach.

Like this, we'll be able to develop efficient campaigns that really work.


Properly defining the audience we want to reach with our ads is one of the main factors that will guarantee the success of our Real Time Bidding campaign (and any other marketing campaign). Segmentation criteria help us specify which type of users will see our ads. Because of this, having a wide variety of criteria, as well as the capability to combine them, will help us focus our campaign in our target audience, avoiding impressions go to waste. 
As we'll see, the segmentation criteria available in RTB campaigns are varied, something that allows us to create campaigns that answer to very specific needs. The DSPs (Demand Side Platform - platforms where the demand of ad space is generated) used in Real Time Bidding campaigns work with information collected with cookies, which allow us to have user data (if you want to know more about how RTB works, read our post where we explain this with more detail).
These are the segmentation criteria available in RTB campaigns:



The list of interests/categories is pretty long as it includes the main interests that users have shown in a specific topic (fashion, cars, sports, etc.). 

How to use this segmentation criterion?

In this case, if we have a gardening store, we can select those users who have shown interest in related areas (for example, users who visited gardening blogs, plant care, etc.).


Thanks to this criterion, we can run very specific campaigns, offering the possibility to show our ads only yo people who live in an area with the same postal code. In RTB campaigns there are many options when it comes to the geographical area where we want our ads to appear. It's possible to segment by country, province, city or postal code

How to use this segmentation criterion?

One of the many uses for this criterion is to create different banners depending on the city the ads will appear, using personalized messages..


It's possible to segment by the language in which the user has his/her browser or by the language he/she is browsing.

How to use this segmentation criterion?

Let's say we are a business that offers services for foreigners who live in Spain (for example, Spanish lessons). Being able to reach users who have their browser in English or that surf the web in that language will help us focus our marketing efforts.


This criterion will allow us to reach people who use Internet through a specific browser,may that be Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. 

How to use this segmentation criterion?

In case that the majority of our audience uses Chrome and we want to focus on that audience, we can use this segmentation criterion. 


If we want our RTB campaign to be active only during selected days and/or times, this must be one of the segmentation criterion we select. selected days and/or times, this must be one of the segmentation criterion we select.

How to use this segmentation criterion?

If you are a company that sells office supplies, you might be interested in having your ads shown on weekdays and business hours only so that you only reach your tager audience when your message is relevant to them.


Depending on the device it's being used: PC, mobile, tablet or TV. In some occasions, we only want our campaings to target users who are surfing the web through a specific device. 

How to use this segmentation criterion?

In case we want to start a 100% mobile campaign, it's possible to only impact those users who are using that device to surf the web.


There's also the possibility of segmenting depending on the phone operator (Movistar, Vodafone, etc.) that the user has.

How to use this segmentation criterion?

This is a very useful criterion for the different operators because they can segment depending on the type of campaing they want to do. For example, if they want to do a campaign to attract new clients, the ads should target people from other operators. If the campaign's goal is to get existing clients to upgrade their phone, our RTB ads should target specifically those who are already clients.


If we're developing a campaing where we want to target people who use a specific operative system (Android, iOS, Winsows, Linux, etc.), we can segment using this criterion. 

How to use this segmentation criterion?

If you have a product that is targeted to Mac users, you can show your ads only to people who use iOS.


Segmenting by brand and devide model (Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, etc.) that the user has is another of the possibilities that exist when launching RTB ads.

How to use this segmentation criterion?

It's possible to use this type of criterion if, for instance, we're developing a campaing for those people who have LG mobile phones and we want them to learn about the launch of the LG K50. Considering that these are people who already have an LG, they're more likely to renew their phone by another from the same brand.


There are two options: adding "whitelists" or excluding "blacklists". Sometimes, there are some websites where we don't want our ads to appear for whatever reason (a different culture or philosophy, political, religious or violent contents, etc.) To avoid having display ads appearing on those websites, we can add them to a blacklist and, like that, exclude them from our campaign. The opposite happens with the whitelist, a list where we include all the websites where we want our RTB ads to appear.

How to use this segmentation criterion?

Let's say, for example, that we are an online store that sells vegan products with a very differenciated culture of environment and animal protection. If we decide to start an RTB campaing, we can choose not to appear on hunting websites.
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