What's the future of ad campaigns?

We're not going to keep you waiting, the answer is: hyper personalization.

Thanks to the development of new technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, companies can build campaigns focused on personalized messages to obtain better results. 

Nowadays, users receive more than 3.000 ad impacts daily. This, alongside the huge amounts of information they receive through social media platforms and other online channels, creates over-informed users with a low attention spam. Because of this, it's important to create original and relevant content to catch their attention and take them through the desired path. 

To do that, brands need to make specific ads for users, something known as “segment-of-one marketing”. This type of marketing is based on the ability to track and understand users' behaviour to personalize ad messages. When developing ad campaigns, it's possible to create groups that share similar interests and habits in order to only impact our target audience.

This type of segmentation also highlights the importance of using criteria different than the tradicional ones (by age, sex, economic level, etc.). On Internet, users that share the same interests build their own groups/communities (for example, moms and moms-to-be communities, videogames fans...). 

Offering a personalized experience can help brands build a bond with users. This way, it's possible to achieve higher engagement and retention rates. Also, happy clients are potential brand evangelists. 

hiper personalizacion


Hyper personalization consist on impacting users with relevant ads in the right moment. Technologies such as the ones mentiones below help develop hyper personalized marketing campaigns:

  • Artificial Intelligence - that helps understand the data collected,
  • Real Time Bidding - that allows brands to reach specific audiences thanks to its segmentation criteria- or 
  • Marketing Automation - that automates tasks to send messages to users depending on their behaviour and the stage of the converstion funnel they're at-.

It's also important to know the difference between personalization and hyper personalization. The first one consists on using the client's name, remembering his/her birthday, knowing his/her location, etc. The second one is more complex, since it involves the user's behaviour on the web and other relevant information that helps knowing his/her specific needs. 

If a person visits your site and adds a product to the shopping cart but doesn´t finish the purchase, an example of hyper personalization would be sending that user an email or notification to remind him/her that said product is still in the shopping cart.

Knowing users better makes possible sending tailored messages. Users now demand relevant information that suits their interests and also that represents their values.


If you want to start a hyper personalized display or video campaign, RTB is one of the best ways to reach your audience in the right moment with the right message.

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