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Retargeting stats that will astonish you.

Retargeting is a strategy that tries to reach those users who have already interacted with your brand. This type of campaigns can be done from multiple platforms: Facebook, Google... and, of course, with RTB.

Using this last one, we'll be able to use all the advantages this form of advertising offers, but following a retargeting strategy. Because if Real Time Bidding is one of the most extended types of programmatic buying is because of several reasons:

· High segmentation capabilities

Apart from having a wide variety of segmentation criteria, RTB is a process that happens in real time, searching for the right person at the righ time.

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· Campaign optimization

DSPs (the platforms used in RTB to create the demand for ad space) use optimization algorithms, learning who the users that convert better are and looking for similar profiles. That way, the campaign will be optimized automatically to get the best results possible.

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· Prioritized ad space

Ad space bought through RTB has priority over Google Ads.

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· Access to thousands of sites 

From one platform, you'll be able to create ad campaigns that can appear on thousands of websites all around the world.

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These are some of the main advantages, but there are many more. Now you know you can create super efficient retargeting campaigns through a DSP!

And to prove our point with numbers, here are some statistics that you'll find very interesting:

10 times higher

The CTR of a retargeted ad is 10x higher than the CTR of a typical display ad.

Source: WishPond

Just 2%

Only 2% of website visitors convert during their first visit.

Source: 99Firms

43% more chances

Retargeted users are more likely to convert by 43%

Source: Criteo

3 times more

Retargeted customers are 3 times more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your business before.

Source: Invesp

Increase by 1,046%

Retargeting shows a higher increase (1,046%) in company's name searches in comparison with other placement strategies.

Source: PR Newswire

How to do a retargeting campaign?

First of all, you can do a prospecting campaign to know which users from your target audience are interested in your brand. They will be the ones who click on your ads, visit your site, etc. 

With that data, you'll be able to start your retargeting campaign, reaching those users who interacted with your brand previously. This way, you'll increase your conversions in a more efficient way since you're paying to reach users who you know have an interest in your brand.


RTB is continuously growing, but not many brands can use this technology since the DSPs used to create the campaigns usually have a high cost (the main DSPs ask for a minimum monthly investment considerably high).

However, RTBMind is a DSP with no access cost or minimum investment. This means that any business can create its own RTB campaigns no matther its marketing budget. And, of course, with the possibility of doing retargeting strategies.

RTBMind is a DSP that allows advertisers to build and manage their own RTB campaigns, with the great advantage of not having a minimum access fee. If you want to know more about RTB, don't hesitate to contact us.