El Big Data y el Marketing Digital.

Bid Data, used correctly, can bring great benefits to our digital marketing strategy.

We'll walk through the Big Data characteristics and we'll also see how to take advantage of these data sets to improve our marketing activities.

What´s Big Data?

When we talk about Big Data we refer to large and complex data sets. For this reason, managing and analyzing this type of data using tradicional software techniques becomes a very hard task. Therefore, we need modern software tools that allow us to treat data properly.

These sets of data present a big challenge: the speed at which they are generated. These days, there are more and more sources that help us collect user data (social media, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.), and the speed at which this data comes is increasing. 

As we can see, Big Data is present in many of our daily activities: from the websites we visit or the mobile APPs we install on our phones, to the tools used to manage data within organizations.

Características del Big Data.

Big Data has four main characteristics, which are: volume, variety, velocity and veracity. As the data landscape becomes more complex, 3 more characteristics have been added: viability, visualization and value. 

01 Volumen.

Volume refers to the increasing amount of data sets that are generated every day. Also, users are more connected than ever, generating way more data than a couple of years ago. 

02 Velocidad.

This is the speed at which these data sets are created, stored and processed. The softwares used in Big Data allow us to process information in real time, making certain transactions such as online shopping or fraud detection a bit easier to manage.


03 Variedad.

Variety refers to the different formats those data sets have. These can be:

  • Structured data sets: easy to manage, such as databases.
  • Non-structured data sets: these can have different forms, such as emails, social media posts, images, audio files, etc.

04 Veracidad.

Is our data reliable? Quality data, this is, data that is going to help us improve our marketing efforts, is hard to obtain. We need to invest time to process the data and put into place methods to eliminate the information that can create confusion or that is of low value.

05 Viabilidad.

In here we are talking about the capability a company has to use Big Data efficiently. To be able to do it, businesses need to have the technology required to process this masive amount of data and use it in a way that improves their marketing campaigns.

06 Visualización de los datos.

This is about the way that data is presented to be able to analyze it and draw conclusions from it. There are many tools that can help us to present the information in an easy-to-understand way.


07 Valor de los datos.

The fact that a company collects a lot of data doesn't mean that all of it is valuable. Data with real value is the one that help us obtain relevant information- this is, data that's going to help us make decisions and to reach the business' goals in a more efficient way.


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Beneficios del Big Data aplicados al marketing digital.

01 Segmentación de los usuarios.

Thanks to the amount of information obtained through Big Data and its capabilities to refine it and use it to make decissions, it's possible to segment our audience in a more detailed way. This will allow us to create campaigns that focus on a specific audience and to offer more personalized information. 


02 Decisiones a tiempo real.

Due to the speed of this type of technology works at, it's possible to analyze data in real time and make the required measures more quickly. This means that we can analyze our campaigns to optimize them so we achieve our objectives.

03 Planificación y predicción.

Big Data also gives us information about the latest trends, which let us predict future trends with more accuracy and plan accordingly.


04 Estudio del comportamiento de los usuarios.

This technology also allows us to know what's the user behaviour and the buying process every time s/he visits our website. This will help us to find ways to improve our site, both the design and the usability - implementing solutions to improve the conversion rate.

05 Aprovechamiento de las oportunidades.

Since we have more information about our users and their behaviour, we can build more efficient campaings: personalized messages, segmented audience, selecting the channels that work best, etc.

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