Why doing RTB campaigns

One of the main functions of automation is to reach the business' objectives efficiently,this is, getting the best results at the lowest cost possible.

In Real Time Bidding, automation plays an essential role throughout the whole process: both in the search of your target audience as well as in optimizing your campaigns. 

With RTB, you can also segment your audience, allowing you to create more specific campaigns that target your audience. It's important to remember that RTB is more than just the adquisition of ad space in real time but also a strategy that involves making an investment to reach your target audience regardless of the websites they visit.

Moreover, this type of programmatic advertisement works very well with any type of campaign:

Traffic: to drive users to your website.

Conversion: to reach visitors and convert them into customers.

Brand awareness: to make your product/brand known among your audience.

One of the main advantages of RTBMind is that it allows you to build RTB campaigns without a minimum budget, so you don't need to invest big amounts of money to get good results. The real time bidding process has many advantageswe tell you a bit more about the main ones below.



Since it's a process that happens in real time, the cost paid for the ad space is lower that other platforms such as, for example, Google Ads.


The bidding process is automated. Therefore, the ads can appear on important pages with a high number of visitors (appearing on these websites using other platforms would be very expensive).



Using the DSP's segmentation criteria, it's possible to create campaigns that reach your target audience. RTB offers a wide variety of criteria: contextual, sitelist, daypart, location, etc. If you want to know more about this, read our post where we mention all the segmentation criteria available in RTBMind.



Once the campaign is built, everything works through automation (bids, optimization, analysis, etc.). The platform is always trying to obtain the best results set in the objetives - without needing supervision or modification. The person in charge of the campaing can download the reports with all the data from the campaign. If needed, s/he can make changes to the campaing manually.


To get started on RTB you don't need a minimum budget if you use our platform. 

RTBMind is a DSP that allows advertisers to build and manage their own RTB campaigns, with the great advantage of not having a minimum access fee. If you want to know more about RTB, don't hesitate to contact us.