Programmatic advertising: digital audio

New formats and channels; the programmatic audio

On the previous post we have been talking about how programmatic advertising adapts to new technologies to provide new options to advertisers and improve user experiences too.. New technologies allow to take advantage of the benefits of new formats and channels, including the audio..

Digital audio is a constantly-growing trend. It is expected to be one of the formats that will grow the most in the next months and years. The increase in its consumption has made it consolidate in recent years, becoming in a very common practice.

According to the last digital audio report made by IAB Spain, 6 of 10 users listen to audio content. It is a constantly growing format due to content development and listening devices.

These are the three favorite content formats according to the listeners: radio, music and podcast. The last one has grown significantly in the last year, becoming in the ultimate format.

Engagin conversations with the audience on the new digital environment is a key fact for good communication and connection. Therefore, content voice strategies' has been consolidated as the perfect way in order to attract users attention..

For a long time, the audio advertising process was very complex, slow and limited by revenue. However, since the audio was incorporated in programmatic advertising, the situation has changed a lot in the past few years. (For better, obviously).

Audio programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising is a huge opportunity to connect with consumers between becoming a very integrated habit into their daily lives. Also, both Big Data and algorithms used in this type of channels allows to offer relevant content to audience, and not only intrusive ads that used to appear on the radio.

You can find audio ads in podcast como en streaming music and radio, and allow to personalize their message. Growth audio consumption bring a increased available inventory; larger and more specialized, multiplying the advertisers possibilities to reach their audience in a more effective and innovative way.

Campaigns can be managed by a DSP: radios and streaming services sell their spaces and start the auction in real time and totally automatic. Programmatic audio ads are more focused on segmentation than on advertising spaces, and uses artificial intelligence to perform constant optimization.

Programmatic audio Ads benefits.

It is a more efficient and less expensive than common advertising. Moreover, has the following benefits:

  • Growing consumption numbers.
  • Not much saturation.
  • Not simultaneous competition.
  • Immediacy, measurement and reaction ability.
  • Effective segmentation for campaigns.

Undoubttedly, this is a format that is not only trending right now, but also has a great future. The benefits that it brings to the advertisers will keep growing and technology will make the user experience even better. So... Pay attention to audio programmatic advertising! If you are an advertiser this opportunity is too good to miss.

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