Tips for a successful Valentine's campaign.

Are you ready for screens and feeds tinted with red and filled with hearts?

February 14th is just around the corner and many people are already looking for the perfect gift that will leave their signigicant other completely breathless. And yes, Spaniards love to celebrate love in style.

In 2019, a study published by Google predicted that Spain would be the European country where users would spend the most, 122 euros in average to be exact. In fact, the outley in Valentine's Day is a growing tendency - already back in 2018 it had grew by 33% compared to 2016 (according to MasterCard). 

For that same reason, businesses show off their best products or services to give as presents around these dates. Following Google's report, the most common presents are experiences, followed by perfumes, jewelry and flowers. This year is a bit different and due to the present restrictions, users will tend to buy products rather than services.

So if you're a brand and want to help users to find their perfect present, you have to make sure you undertake a strategy to differenciate yourself and stand out from competitors. If you don't do it, you'll be just another brand on the screen that'll end up with a broken heart because users don't pay attention to you.

Think that, in the end, users are your crush; you have to make them fall in love with your campaigns, make them feel those butterflies in the stomach, make them feel attracted so that they end up buying your products or booking your services. Make it hard for them to resist the impulse of buying, for example, that pillow that says "I love you my teddybear". 


An ad campaign can help you make Cupid hit the target; this is, getting visibility among your targer audience - because there'll be people who are looking for a pillow, others for books, some others for clothes... So depending on what you have to offer, it's important that your ads reach your audience and you avoid wasting impressions (take a look here at all the segmentation criteria available on RTBMind).

If you've already decided to launch your Valentine's campaign, here are some tips that'll help you be successful and reach your objectives.

01 Segment your audience.


Make sure your products reach your target audience and that you don't waste impressions. That way you'll get the most out of your budget. It's also important, of course, to reach your audience when they're online. Therefore, select the days and times you want your ads to be shown.

02 Valentine's Day is also for singles.


Exactly; February 14th is a celebration of love, either for couples, families friends or even oneself. There are many people who buy presents for family and friends (19% and 2%, respectively, according to Reason Why) - or also buy something for themselves. Because of this, when segmenting your campaigns, don't exclude single people.

03 Offer last-minute deals.


Most users (approximately 80%) make their Valentine's purchases the week prior to the big day. Offering last-minute deals can help you convince many users who, otherwise, were thinking that a box of chocolates was enough.

04 Use push notifications.


Remember users that the date is getting closer and that you have many Valentine's present options. And if you have a special offer, even better. Talk to your audience and tell them that you can help them solve their problems - we know that finding the right present can be taugh.


05 Do retargeting.


There will be many users who see your ads and visit your website but don't buy anything. Don't let them forget you, show them again the products they're interested in and convince them that it's the best idea for Valentine's Day.

06. Original designs.


Use original texts and designs to catch users' attention. Many competitors will also do ad campaigns, so you need to make sure yours don't go unnoticed. In here you can appeal to feelings, humour... something that represents your brand and get users to look at you.

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Of course, if you need help or guidance, we're here to help. 

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